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ies and regions, and the number of followers of new media ▓platforms has reached 140 million. Coverin▓g the whole globe, CGTN adheres to the s

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trategy of "TV focus, mobile first". It portrays the world from a Chinese perspectiv

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e, and tells China’s story from an international perspective.Nile TV International is a public Egyptian television

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▓broadcast its programs in foreig▓n languages: English, French, and formerly Hebrew. Nile TV International is broadcast on four satellites, allowing for its transmission to reach the whole Arab world, Europe, and the United St▓ates.ERT S.A. Hellenic Broadcasting Corp

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in India, which is also more influentia▓l in South Asia. Its "NDTV 24x7" c▓hannel is consider

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ed to be the m▓ost popular and reliable English new▓s ch

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annel in India.P

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